Base VehicleMAZDHA 3950 WB

Based on a Mazdha chassis, unlike our other caravans Sliding drone as the name suggests is a different concept. Because of its expandable decks creating more than a feet space on the each side we are able to provide a bigger and spacious home adding luxury and comfort to this Home on Wheels. 

Amenities :


  • 2 Convertible dinning on board with a fold and pop up table & sofa forming a bed that can easily sleep 2
  • Cab over bed that comfortably sleeps 2
  • A lounger/sofa with pop up table on each side
  • 2 drop down beds.
  • Partitioned room with sofa and drop down bed that can comfortably sleep 2
  • Pneumatic activating valve based washroom : with a basin, commode and shower with hot & cold water supply
  • Slide out Kitchen : burner, sink, microwave, 12/24 VDC fridge

If you are dubious about getting one built, you can also rent this or similar model and get the gist of caravanning, experience your own Motorhome Adventures

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