LEVIATHAN | Election Express

LEVIATHAN | Election Express

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Event EndsTue, 30 Nov -0001
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Base VehicleTATA ULTRA 4200 WB

Based on a Tata 15/12 Chassis Leviathan is your one step stop for conference/ business/ luxury/ campaign room on wheels. 

 Amenities :

As the name suggests its a beast in terms of its luxurious design and space within. With its wide range conversions you can,

  1. Travel in a luxury class theatre room or convert it into a round table conference/ interview room on the go. Comfort on the go is easy because of 360 degree swivel and 180 degree motorable recliners. 
  2. The slide out decks eliminate the possibility of chaos yet keep it compact.
  3. Slide out PCR room gives you possibility of telecasting live/ streaming live and edit on the go.
  4. With luxurious stairway taking you to the roof top campaign stage you can now address the crowd with bolt and bright gestures. External speakers will be a part of conversing your wits to the crowd.
  5. A drop down stage for gatherings/ campaigns.
  6. A pneumatic activating valve based bathroom on the go to shed those pre conference jitters and more.

If you are dubious about getting one built, you can also rent this or similar model and get the gist of campaigning/caravanning, experience your own Motorhome Adventures

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